How do I introduce a Learning Platform in my organisation?

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Where to start?

Where to start

You made the decision to prioritise the development of your employees. To make this strategic decision successful, you're betting on a learning platform. Great!

But where to start, who to involve, how to get your colleagues on board? You might encounter resistance, varying viewpoints, and technical limitations during the process.

Taking on the challenge of introducing a learning platform single-handedly is no simple task, and support would be immensely beneficial.

You've done your research and decided that a learning platform is the scalable solution to empower your people. Now, let's get practical! Our roadmap will help you get started quickly, engage the right people, and rally your colleagues around this idea. Your learning platform will be a reality in no time!

The first step

Set priorities and define main criteria

As soon as you set your priorities, positive things start unfolding. Begin by extinguishing the most crucial fire: identify the pressing issue that the learning platform should address first. Is it onboarding, product knowledge, or sales skills, for instance?

Do you already have a learning strategy?

✅ Yes? great!

That's a good first step. Use this strategy to set the right priorities.

⛔ No? No worries!

Get information from your stakeholders and start with the biggest challenge: what do employees need to meet or exceed customer expectations? What do you want to achieve first? What are your quick wins? 

Team members
Step 2 Get the right people in your corner

The support of your stakeholders is essential to making your learning platform a reality. Perhaps in your case, these are Operations Managers and HR/L&D colleagues. Involve them from the outset and ensure they have the necessary information. Take note of their desires and requirements. Paint a vivid picture for them, illustrating how the learning platform serves as a solution to their challenges. Make your stakeholders co-owners of the solution by involving them in the process. 

Step 3 taking Small steps
Small steps go a long way. Breaking down the process of introducing a Learning Platform into smaller steps will help you take control of the process. Draw up an action plan, and take these factors into account.
1. Your dream team

Organize your dream team with the right knowledge and skills. Ask yourself: who possesses the most knowledge about engaging your employees and understanding their needs? Who will be working on the content? Who are the subject matter experts? Who holds the budget? If multiple departments are involved, ensure you include them all in your action plan. 

Unsure about the specific roles you require? See our capacity draft: 

Capacity draft


2. Check their availability

A very important friend in this project might be one of your colleagues in the technical department! Approximately 16 hours of their valuable time will be dedicated to integrating your learning platform. Thus, it is crucial to schedule their availability effectively.


3. Start small, always!
Limited resources? Start small! Many resources? Still, start small. For a lot of our customers starting with a pilot was the way to go. Take a look at our Picnic case study for inspiration, as they too began with limited resources. 
4. Running your own program
While it's wise to rely on our guidance initially, there will come a time when you will stand independently. Did you know that 70% of our customers currently run their programs autonomously? Explore how other customers have achieved this on our Cases page. 
5. You won't be alone
With over 30 years of experience and expertise, we are well-equipped to provide accelerated development and valuable advice. We can help you start small and still help prepare for future developments!

The final Steps

Step 4

Head of People & Culture

Convince budget holders and decision makers 

Implementation of a new tool is never a one-man show. Managers from each department have to be involved in key decisions. Understanding their perspective will help you get them on your side.  

To persuade both your stakeholders and budget holders, prepare a compelling business case. Crafting a strong case is crucial as it ensures you provide the necessary information, establishes concrete results, and clarifies objectives. 

Step 5

HR Manager

Time for implementation

Got a ‘yes’ from your decision makers? Great! Now it's time to transform your learning platform into a reality and start the implementation process.

Get set!


Introducing a learning platform in your organization requires careful planning and execution. Begin by setting clear priorities, engaging stakeholders, creating a comprehensive action plan, persuading budget holders, and involving managers. Once these steps are completed, you're all set to initiate the implementation phase. Take advantage of TinQwise's expertise and support to introduce a Learning platform and make sure new employees quickly feel at home, have the skills to make the operation run smoothly and exceed customer expectations.


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Mussenstraat 15
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